50 Fascinating Facts About The History of The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is a giant manmade structure that had been attempted in Egypt since the time of the pharaohs and the construction of the pyramids, for it is a complex project that took humans thousands of years to develop the technology for. The canal was built in the middle of a desert (by utilizing a nearby isthmus), and thousands of lives were lost due to poor working conditions. After several years, the canal was complete, yet construction was delayed multiple times due to political and social conflicts within the country; other countries, particularly Britain, were highly involved with Egypt and controlled the area during much of the country's history.  

The Suez Canal is certainly a miracle to mankind, and now after more than 150 years, the structure serves an immaculate purpose to Egypt and other countries' economies. 

Photo Courtesy: [De Agostini/De Agostini Editorial/Getty Images]