The History of The Excavation Excursions Throughout the World

Are you someone that is interested in ancient history or the discovery of ancient fossils? If so, then you should check out these amazing excavations that have taken place all over the world and the amazing finds that these archeologists have unearthed. There are numerous sites around the world that take us back to ancient times and bring us the discovery of cities such as Troy and Jericho. 

Archaeologists all over the world have the same goal and want to show people the memories of our past. There have been a large number of treasures that have been found and some ancient cities that were always thought of as myth. The 1800s was the time to explore and find these lost cultivations that nobody thought existed. 

If you are someone that enjoys history and the discovery of lost artifacts then you should check out these interesting findings that have been going on for the past several hundred years. 

Photo Courtesy: [Chris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images]