The History of The War of The Currents: AC vs. DC Power

The War of the Currents was a fight between Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla (with the help of George Westinghouse) that began in the 1880s. It was a series of events that started when they were both trying to bring electricity to the population through power transmission.

However, they got in each other's way by launching personal attacks on one another. It became a personal vendetta they each had against one another until their deaths.

This Energy War has been called "The Second Greatest Conflict In Human History." Second only to our first greatest war, the French Revolution.

At the time, Mr. Edison's direct current (DC) power was the standard for electricity in the United States. The war began with Mr. Telsa mastering alternating current (AC) electricity while Edison's DC system was experiencing serious drawbacks.

Photo Courtesy: [Ronald Cox/Energy War/Flickr]